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Adaptadores de Rede Ethernet

XtremeScale 8000 Series 10/40GbE NICs

In ultra scale environments, we can’t be content with network adapters that simply connect servers to networks. Server level security, VM level network telemetry, and application acceleration are issues that network adapters need to address at scale. Look to Solarflare’s XtremeScale 8000 Series adapters to address your data center needs with market-leading features such as:

• Bandwidth up to 100Gbps
• Latencies well below 1usec
• XtremePacket Engine provides 1000s of flows/virtual NICs per adapter
• APIs to software define the adapter enabling a wide range of capabilities
• UKB enables extreme application acceleration
• Telemetry for packet capture, monitoring, and analysis
• NIC-level security through packet filtering and secure server lockdown


Dual Port QSFP+


ScaleOut, PCIe LP

Web 2.0, Telco, MSPs, CDNs, Biz Intelligence


Dual Port QSFP+


Includes Onload and TCPDirect Acceleration, PTP Synchronization


Dual Port QSFP+


Includes ScaleOut Onload and DPDK Acceleration


Dual Port QSFP+


Includes Onload and TCPDirect Acceleration, PTP Synchronization

Introducing XtremeScale X2 Series NICs

Built with the all new Solarflare X2 Ethernet controller ASIC, the X2 Series is a family of powerful, intelligent, 10/25/40/50/100GbE NICs in PCIe and OCP form-factors. Customers and developers, contact us for information about where you can obtain X2 NICs.

XtremeScale X2541


Single Port QSFP28

Includes ScaleOut Onload and DPDK Acceleration Fabric Services

XtremeScale X2522


Dual Port SFP28

Includes ScaleOut Onload and DPDK Acceleration Fabric Services

Solarflare’s SFA7942Q-A7-4 Application Onload Engine (AOE) combines the I/O capabilities of a dual-port 40GbE NIC with the processing power of a field programmable gate array (FPGA). AOE key features include:

•  Bump in the wire processing of network data

•  Optimized for network-centric, compute intensive applications

•  Enables both pre- and post-processing of high speed network data

•  Provides an open platform for the development and deployment of customized network applications

•  Application Nanosecond TCP Send (ANTS): From request to response in less than 250ns

With Solarflare’s AOE adapters, users can expect dramatic improvements in application performance, while maintaining full compatibility with Solarflare’s 40GbE server I/O adapter drivers and Onload software. The SFA7942Q-A7-4 operates in both 2x40GbE and 8x10GbE modes.