Software para Armazenamento de Dados

Software para Armazenamento de Dados

XYZ Informática LTDA offers various storage software products – each of them recommended for different purposes: from software dedicated for small and medium businesses to software for highly demanding environments such as data centers. Find out more about the differences and advantages on this page.

Business type
  • Medium & Large Enterprises
  • Data Centers
  • Public cloud providers
  • Small & Medium Business
  • Private clouds
  • MSPs
  • Small Office, Home Office
  • Remote branch office

ZFS based storage operating system:
is the answer to almost any storage requirement, either as a single node, a virtualized HA setup or a Big Data cluster environment. 

Thin provisioning, tiered caching and deduplication make this a solution for high demand enterprise solutions. 

XFS based unified storage operating system:
helps both small and medium businesses to implement high performing, yet cost-effective and robust data storage solutions. 

iSCSI and NAS unified in one flexible software solution. The iSCSI active-active failover adds extra performance for demanding installations. 

XFS based free version of Open-E DSS V7:

Previously known as Open-E DSS V7 Lite. With SOHO, you can take advantage of basic NAS / SAN functionalities with a capacity of 4TB free of charge and inexpensive additional storage extensions. 
Maximum storage Unlimited Unlimited 
(recommended < 200TB)
Maximum volume size Unlimited 64TB 36TB
Min. hardware requirements 4 CPU cores, 16GB RAM, HBA 4 CPU cores, 8GB RAM, H/W RAID adapter 2GHz CPU, 2 GB RAM
Architecture 64-bit 64-bit 64-bit
Storage model Storage pools Logical volumes Logical volumes
High availability
HA cluster architecture Common storage Dual storage N/A
Metro cluster No NFS, iSCSI N/A
Shared storage cluster SMB/CIFS, NFS, iSCSI No N/A
Independent Virtual IPs for HA Cluster Yes No N/A
Max. clustered volume size Unlimited 16TB N/A
Max. clustered storage size Unlimited Unlimited N/A
Persistent Reservation Synchronization Yes Yes N/A
Node replacement with no cluster downtime Yes No N/A
iSCSI Yes Yes Yes
NAS (SMB/CIFS, FTP, Secure FTP, HTTP, Apple Talk, NFS v2, v3) NFS, SMB/CIFS Yes Yes
Fibre Channel No Yes No
IP over Infiniband (connector mode) Yes Yes No
Enterprise-grade features
Off-site Data Protection Yes  No No
VAAI Yes No No
Caching Native, tiered RAM and SSD Hardware support No
Thin Provisioning Yes No No
Over Provisioning Yes No No
Deduplication Yes No No
Compression Yes No No
Snapshots Unlimited Up to 20 Up to 20
Clones Unlimited No No
VSS Hardware Provider Yes No No
Data & metadata check-summing Yes No No
Atomic transaction writes Yes No No
WORM (Write Once Read Many) No Yes No
OS-level data checking and repairing (Scrub) Yes No No
Storing multiple copies of user data Yes No No
iSCSI and NFS restricted connections Yes Yes Yes
Storage live expansion without downtime Yes Yes Yes
SNMP Yes Yes No
VMware certification VMware Ready V5.5 and V6.0 VMware Ready V5.5 and V6.0 No
Citrix certification In progress Citrix Ready No
Hyper-V certification In progress Tested and confirmed No