Fontes de Alimentação Fanless

Fontes de Alimentação Fanless Seasonic Patented DC Connector Panel with Integrated Voltage Regulation Module*Seasonic’s Patented Fully Modular Design while minimizing voltage drops and impedance, it greatly maximizes efficiency and cooling to enhance overall performance and reliability.* Patent #: US8.040.686, TW381825, CN1552150, JP3171420.Patent Pending: US, DE 80 + PlatinumThe Platinum Series, certified in accordance to the 80PLUS highest santdards, offers the newest technology and innovation for performance and energy savings with up to 92% efficiency and a true power factor of greater than 0.9PF.

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Special Features –

  • 80PLUS® Platinum Certified Super High Efficiency

  • Full Modular Cabling Design

  • Fanless- 0dBA

  • Patented DC Connector Module with Integrated VRM [Voltage Regulator Module]

  • DC to DC Converter Design

  • Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitors

  • Highly Reliable 105°C Japanese Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

  • Tight Voltage Regulation [±2%]

  • Active Power Factor Correction [99% PF Typical]

  • High +12V Output

  • Gold Plated High Current Terminals

  • Dual Sided PCB Layout

  • Ultra Ventilation [Honeycomb Structure]

  • Multi-GPU Technology Support

  • All-in-One DC Cabling Design

  • Easy Swap Connector

  • Universal AC Input [Full Range]

  • 7 Years Warranty

Fontes de Alimentação Fanless