Our products are driving solutions for applications across industries, including the following:

Content Delivery Networks: Keep DDoS attacks from impacting the availability and resilience of your CDN;
Containerized Datacenters: 
Remove network bottlenecks and scale your container density and performance to meet your needs;
Scale Out Flash Storage: 
An NVMe-oF implementation that doesn’t require a forklift upgrade to your network infrastructure;
Web Services: 
Solarflare’s ScaleOut Onload technology lets you get the most out of your current web servers;
Packet and Flow Capture: 
Achieve 100% visibility into your network’s performance and the traffic it is carrying;
Protect your network from external and internal threats.

What is a software defined networking adapter?

Software defined adapters break the paradigm that NICs are simply a way to connect servers to the network.

vRather than build a general purpose NIC, Solarflare has built a solution utilizing hardware, firmware and software in the right combinations.

This approach accelerates applications and reduces CPU utilization without the burden/shortcomings of conventional technologies (e.g. static offloads, RDMA, iWARP).

The Highest Performing Enterprise Ethernet Server Networking Solutions for Ultra Scale Computing

Solarflare’s Ethernet adapters combine the price point of standard NICs with the capabilities of “smart” NICs and our Universal Kernel Bypass (UKB) technologies to deliver ultra high bandwidth, ultra low latency, and ultra scale connectivity to your ultra scale data center.

XtremeScale Architecture Power Your Next Generation Neural-Class Network

In ultra scale environments, we can’t be content with network adapters that simply connect servers to networks. Server level security, VM level network telemetry, and application acceleration are issues that network adapters need to address at scale. Look to Solarflare’s XtremeScale 8000 Series adapters to address your data center needs with market-leading features such as:

• Bandwidth up to 100Gbps
• Latencies well below 1usec
• XtremePacket Engine provides 1000s of flows/virtual NICs per adapter
• APIs to software define the adapter enabling a wide range of capabilities
• UKB enables extreme application acceleration
• Telemetry for packet capture, monitoring, and analysis
• NIC-level security through packet filtering and secure server lockdown